How to Fix Serve Scaled Images for WordPress

December 18, 2020

serve scaled images

Many performance measurement tools such as GTMetrix and Pingdom have historically docked points on your performance grade for not properly sizing your images. 

The concept is simple, since each and every byte can add to the time it takes to download an image, so the experts recommend serving the “correctly” sized image and essentially trimming the excess.

You wouldn’t want to load a 3,000px image in a 300px container, as it’s not simply 10x heavier but actually closer to 100x larger!


The issue becomes, what size is actually “correct” as each image can live in it’s own container – taking up different widths on the screen, then even the size of the screen and it’s resolution can call for different sizes of that image.

So even if you find the perfect sized based on the performance test, that’s only the proper size in that specific situation.


WP Compress properly sizes your images in one click with the “Adaptive Images” toggle and resizes them in real-time to assure the ideally sized image is served to each visitor!

The demo image was even too large at 146kb, but by running it through WP Compress we’ve gotten it to be just 27.4kb at 375px wide and loading in less than 25ms!

That’s with even uploading the FULL SIZED image into WordPress!

It’s truly incredible how much of a difference serving the properly scaled image can make, and we’ve fully automated the process for you in just one click!

Fix Serve Scaled Images
for WordPress In Just One Click