One-Plugin, Endless Possibilites

Everything You Need for Faster WordPress Websites

Whether you manage 1 website or 100+ websites and no matter your skill level – we have your all-in-one performance solution.

  One-Click Setup         Toggle Based Settings         Advanced Configuration Options

Ease of Use

One-Click Performance Modes

Instantly apply recommended or aggressive settings in just one-click.

Built in Safe Mode

If at any point you want to revert or compare, simply toggle safe mode.

Smart Optimization

Automatically optimize based on traffic, page updates and more.

One-Plugin, Endless Possibilities

We've built in easy one-click setup, yet it's extremely customizable.

Total Website Performance

Everything you need for a faster website, toggled as as you wish.

Expert Chat + Ticket Support

We're here to help with configuration, performance tips and more.

Performance Toggles

Advanced Cache

Total website caching for lightning-fast response times and reduced server load.

WebP Images

Generate and serve next-generation WebP images for faster download times.

Font Optimization

Automatic optimization, identify critical fonts, preload, lazy load and more.

Remove Unused JavaScript

Optimize the load sequence and delay unnecessary javascript until required.

Retina Device Support

Serve 2x resolution images to select devices for improved visual quality.

Smart Cache Purging

Automatically purge cache based on theme, plugin or content updates.

WooCommerce Optimization

Dedicated speed improvements and compatibilities for WooCommerce.

Other Optimizations

One-click setup or configure based on your specific environment as desired.

Real-Time Optimization

Automatically adapt content based on the incoming visitor and device.

Script Optimization

Minify, combine or delay scripts on a page by page basis as desired.

Cache Warmup

Pre-load key content into cache for immediate access upon user requests.

Lazy Loading

Load images, videos and iFrames only when required to slash page sizes.

Preserve EXIF Data

Optimize the load sequence and delay unnecessary javascript until required.

Prefetch DNS Connections

Improve the connection and handshake times for assets and custom domains.

GZIP Compression

Automatically compress and serve HTML for faster response times.

Global CDN Delivery

Ultra-fast performance for the entire world, regardless of your server location.

Media Library Compression

Traditionally compress images for smaller file sizes without quality loss.

Remove Unused CSS

Generate Critical CSS to remove code bloat and improve contentful paint.

Improve Render Blocking

Automatically improve page loading sequences to prioritize critical scripts.

Auto-Optimize On Upload

Instantly compress new images on upload for optimization on autopilot.

Automatic Preloads

We identify high priority resource and can automatically preload them for you.

External URL Support

Allow external urls such as s3, offloaded images and more to be served via CDN.


Remote Management

Manage all of your websites from the centralized dashboard as desired.

Multisite Bulk Linking Tool

Network activate and set quota or custom settings for your entire multisite.

Custom Client Quotas

Allocate credits or bandwidth as you wish to each website with custom limits.

MainWP Bulk Linking Tool

Connect your child sites and custom quota via the MainWP integration.

Seamless Sub-Accounts

Centrally manage each website and control client access within WordPress.

UX Settings

Customize the look and feel of the plugin, menus and more to your liking.


Custom Branded Plugin

Add your custom logo, icon, author, title description & more to take all the credit.

Whitelabel Reporting

Custom brand the reporting and client deliverables with your brand or logo.

Custom CDN Domains

You can use your branding and domain to serve website content globally.

Hide Plugin from WP Admin

Remove the plugin visibility so you can take all of the credit for faster websites.

Email + PDF Reports

Download PDF reports or send monthly emails to clients as you wish.

Integrations + Support




Universal Integration


Much More!

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Thrive Theme Builder

NextGEN Gallery


SmartSlider 3



Slider Revolution


WP Carousel








Lower Bounce Rates

Ultra-Fast Response Times

Better First Impressions

Reduced Resource Usage

Increased Conversions