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2.4 seconds


21 milliseconds


“WP Compress v4.0 took my image that was loading in 2.4 seconds down to merely 21ms – all I can say is WOW!”

We Saved Nearly 1 GB Disk Space!

I picked up the WP Compress Plugin for the reason that it comes with cloud storage for the original images & one-click restore.

Adding this to my service packages too, thank you for an incredible product!

Rajendra Zore
Founder & CEO, Host My Blog

Results Inside the WP Compress Plugin

We got 250MB down to less than 10 MB for significantly better performance!


It always bugs us to see a fast loading site in the US or Europe but then see 4-5s in Sydney – so global performance is a must.

——     BEFORE     ——

——     AFTER    ——


As we all know, London is such a central hub that it the performance really matters!

——     BEFORE     ——

——     AFTER     ——

Automatic, Secure & Complete

WP Compress is a completely hands-free image optimizer for WordPress, and can be used on unlimited websites.


Ahmad Awais

WordPress Core Developer
& TEDx Speaker

WP Compress delivers what it promises and provides incredible compression results.

I tested the plugin on a 15.11 MB image and it reduced it to only 278 KB.

I was literally mind blown, as visually there was no major difference between the two images and the entire optimization procedure was handled automatically by WP Compress.

It’s super easy to use and very reasonably priced.


We frequently check to see if you have any new images that need to be optimized and take care of them for you.

Cloud Processing

Original images are securely processed and backed up in the cloud saving you server space, loading the optimized versions.

Intelligent Compression

Our algorithms prevent over-compression and assure that your images load faster without a visible loss in quality.

Automatic Resizing

Most photos are much to large for web, that's why we offer automatic image resizing photos upon compression.

Free Thumbnails

We include all thumbnails for free. That makes one WP Compress credit ~11.8 competitor credits on average.

Client Quotas

Set monthly allocations of optimization credits on a site-by-site basis and add one time credits for existing images.

Detailed Reporting

View Web Reports, Email Reports, and PDF Reports (Coming Soon) for each website or your account as a whole.

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We're here to answer any questions - simply reach out in the support box at the bottom right of your screen!

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