One-Time Credit Packs

Credit packs are a one-time boost, great for bulk optimizing local images on new websites or creating an overflow buffer if your traffic spikes unexpectedly!




  Overflow Credits Never Expire

One-Time Credit Boost

Compared to Paying Annually for 15 Years!




  Overflow Credits Never Expire

One-Time Credit Boost

Compared to Paying Annually for 15 Years!




  Overflow Credits Never Expire

One-Time Credit Boost

Compared to Paying Annually for 15 Years!

What they're saying...

We pride ourselves on constantly updated software and five star support, you’ll always be taken care of once you join the WP Compress family!

Kerem N.

I tried many ways to reduce loading times of my pages, but none of them were as efficient as WP Compress. It’s a real game changer!


Avi L.

1.5 Seconds from 5.5s in just a click - WOW!!!
That's amazing!


WP Compress will be in place on every single one of our clients' sites by the end of the quarter. If you care about your clients, you should do the same!


George D.

We were shocked at first, but WP Compress really does give you the best results over Smush Pro and ShortPixel.


Randy W.

I was skeptical at first, but numbers don’t lie! It cut my load time in half. Truly remarkable plugin and excellent support!


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions feel free to reach out via chat support at the bottom right corner of the page.

The Whitelabel Agency (Enterprise) plan  includes everything that you need to take full credit for lightning fast loading images and scripts such as:

  • Custom Branded Plugin (customize the title, logos, description, links and more!)
  • Custom branded PDF reporting
  • Custom branded email reports
  • Custom SMTP email branding
  • Custom CDN Domain(s)
  • Custom Branded Multisite Linking & Management Tool
  • Custom Client Quotas
  • Priority Support

And that’s on top of everything in the Starter and Professional plans & more!

In celebration of the release of the new whitelabel plugin, we’re giving you the opportunity to get grandfathered in and lock in savings on our best plans before pricing goes up.

We’re proud of what we’ve built and want WP Compress to be your #1 choice for image optimization and are passing on aggressive savings for a limited time.

The rate you see today is the rate you get for life, even when our prices go up!
Live Mode:

The live version of WP Compress automatically optimizes your images and scripts in real-time based on the incoming visitors device, browser, screen resolution, location on page and geo-location to help you get the fastest load times around!

It includes Adaptive Images, WebP conversion, Retina support, Lazy Loading and more served over a lightning-fast CDN!

Local Mode:

In local mode, you may optimize individual images, bulk compress your entire media library or even automatically optimize new images on-upload. There are three optimization levels to choose from and you can select the thumbnails you wish to optimize as well as the WebP and Retina images you want to generate.
Traffic can be unpredictable, that’s why we offer overflow credits that allow you to always be prepared for unexpected coverage or spikes in traffic!

Whether you have overflow credits or not, we’ll let you know before you’re about to go over on bandwidth and alert you via email when you hit your limit. You may then change the quota for the site if you have remaining account credits, apply overflow credits or upgrade your plan to continue live optimization.

We’re always happy to help estimate usage, offer optimization advice and custom plans to fit your needs via chat support at!
Don’t worry, your images will always be safe!

If you deactivate the plugin in LIVE mode, your images and scripts will revert from the optimized CDN urls to the previous heavier images and scripts served before WP Compress was installed. The same goes for if you switch from live to local mode at any time.

If you deactivate the plugin in LOCAL mode, your images will stay in the state that they were in upon deactivation. That means optimized images will stay optimized, unless you restore them prior to deactivating.
Yes, we even built a dedicated Multisite Linking & Management tool right into the plugin. Simply network activate the plugin and you’ll see the bulk linking and management tool.

We even offer a MainWP bulk linking plugin too!
Yes, you can use the software on both WordPress and Non-WordPress websites to get lightning fast load times across all of your websites!

We offer a UNIVERSAL VERSION that works on practically any website without an existing CDN!

You may also use local credits with our cloud compression platform to optimize any image files as you wish.
Yes, you may cancel at any time – simply reach out at or via chat at and we’ll be happy to help resolve any issues you’re having.

We kindly ask that you include the reason for cancellation so that we can help improve the platform for the rest of the community!