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Plan Details

Total images allocated per month (local + live optimization)
Highly optimized data goes a LONG way – can be split between local and live optimization.
We offer unprecedented live chat support!
In all plans you can link and unlimited number of websites!

Core Features

Different levels and strengths of optimization.
Compress your local media library to save additional storage space
Real-Time Optimization power for every incoming visitor
Serve 2x and higher resolution images to supported devices
Optimize your images per incoming device size, saving extra file size, bandwidth and for faster speeds
Generate and serve next generation WebP image format to supported browsers
Defer the load of images that are not currently within view for faster speeds and less bandwidth usage

Advanced Features

Central location where you can control settings for all linked websites
Remotely manage, optimize your images and configure settings for all linked websites from the central management portal
View in-depth stats and usage data on a site-by-site basis from the management portal or in the plugin
See your entire accounts performance as an aggregate of all linked websites from the main portal dashboard
Our Over-Compression Prevention Engine (OCPE) assures that your images are always looking great to the human eye
Load SVGs from the premium CDN for even faster global speeds
Load SVGs from the premium CDN for even faster global speeds
Served over our premium hybrid of top providers

Agency Features

Set quotas for your clients and allocate the data on a site-by-site basis
Site-by-site reporting can be downloaded as needed
Site-by-site reporting can be emailed automatically each month (great with whitelabel reporting)
Hide the plugin from your client’s WordPress Admin area so that you can take all the credit for faster loading images
Add your brand’s logo to the reports generated, downloaded and emailed
Use the CDN to serve your JavaScript files for even faster speeds
Use the CDN to serve your CSS files for even faster speeds
Use your own custom CDN domain

Data as of April 15th, 2020

We know this is our website, yet we aim to be as fair and transparent as possible.
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