Comparison Charts

Comparing compression, agency features, advanced settings and credit consumption among top providers.

  • Compression Modes
How many levels or “strengths” of compression each software includes.
  • Cloud Processing
Will the images be processed using cloud resources or your local resources?
  • Compression Types
Will images be automatically optimized or will you need to manually compress?
  • Bulk Optimization
Can you optimize multiple images at a time?
  • Single Image Optimization
Can you optimize specific single images as needed?
  • Resize for Web
Can you resize images and scale images to a demension of your choosing?


  • 6 Modes
  • Local + Live (all in one)


  • 3 Modes
  • Local (Main) Live (Separate)


  • 3 Modes
  • Local Only


  • 3 Modes
  • Local (Main) + Live (Pro)
  • Client Management
Can you add or manage individual clients or subaccounts?
  • Monthly Client Quota
Can you allocate monthly recurring credits for clients or sub-accounts?
  • Centralized Portal
Is there a central location where you can control settings for these accounts?
  • Remote Optimization
Can you optimize images without logging into to each and every client website?
  • Web Reports
Can you resize images and scale images to a demension of your choosing?
  • Email & PDF Reports
Can you automatically generate and mail reports to your clients on a site-by-site basis?







  • CDN Delivery
Does the provider offer a global Content Delivery Network for your images?
  • Top 10 Global CDN
Is the CDN used ranked in the top 10 for global performance?
  • CDN Coverage
Across how many continents is the CDN located?
  • Purge CDN Cache
Are you able to purge or reset CDN Cache on your own?
  • Generate WebP
Serve next-gen image format WebP to supported browsers for additional file-size savings.
  • Adaptive Images
Intelligently show images based on device size, which can DRASTICALLY reduce load times on mobile devices.


  • 6 Continents


  • 5 Continents


  • N/A


  • 6 Continents
  • Pricing Model
  • Lifetime Membership
  • Cost for 50,000 Images


  • Pay Per GB
  • YES
  • $9.99/mo
    Local + Live Included


  • Image Credits + Thumbnails
  • No Longer Available
  • $29.99/mo
    (Standard or SPAI)


  • Pay Per GB
  • NO
  • $19.99/mo
    Local Only


  • Image Credits + Thumbnails
  • NO
  • $99
    price on sale

Data as of March 30th, 2020 – For any questions or comments or concerns, please reach out directly to chat support.


About Our Plans

Each “Credit” can optimize one full size image uploaded to your media library and all of its generated thumbnails or alternate sizes.

You can get one time credit packs with no limits; however, we recommend a membership for agencies as monthly credits work best for setting client quotas.

Yes, thumbnails come free! It takes on average 12 credits from most competitors to optimize the identical image – making us 12x more efficient.

Check the number of existing images in your media library in list mode, then set a quota of at least 100 new images each month per linked website.

Each month the linked website can optimize images according to the quota you set when linking your website. You can modify it at anytime within the portal.

Memberships are a monthly allocation of images, think about it like your cell phone data plan, while credit packs are a one-time credit boost, great for optimizing existing images.

The best value is to get an annual membership with a starter bonus for optimizing existing images.

About The Software

Your images are securely backed up and optimized in the compression cloud, then only the smaller, light-weight images are served to your viewers.

You may choose between local backups, cloud backups or neither. 

With local and cloud backups, you may restore a single image or all images to the original state at any time.

Autopilot checks your website multiple times a day for newly added images and optimizes them with your current settings.

Advanced is “smarter” than on-upload as everything happens off peak and in the background to not slow you down while uploading images and editing your site. It will take care of new AND existing images. 

With any account you can link an unlimited number of websites, the only factor you need to account for is how you plan on allocating credits.

Yes! Each site can be linked to its own API Key so that you get detailed reporting on a site-by-site basis.

We even have a MainWP Extension for quick and easy bulk linking!

Your images will stay in the optimized form, before deactivating you can restore at anytime if you’d like them to be the original. Once you’re deactivated for an extended period of time then your backups will be deleted, so we recommend keeping the plugin active at all times.

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