Lightning-Fast Load Times for Life

We’re not kidding. We’re getting images that previously loaded in 3.5s down to as low as 7ms per image across the globe. We’re so confident you’ll love WP Compress that we’re offering LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP – with no recurring payments whatsoever.

Hurry, this massive discount is breifly extended to add split-pay options!
Less than 100 Licenses Left


Black friday can be hectic, we know that… so simply purchase the plan that best fits your budget today, and if you need additional image zaps to cover your workload, we’ll happily credit the plan towards a future upgrade to make sure that you have more than enough zaps for lightning-fast loading images for life, welcome to the family!

Lifetime Plans Include


⚡   Monthly Client Quotas
⚡   Remote Management
⚡   Detailed Reporting
⚡   Email & PDF Reports
⚡   Quick Link with MainWP


⚡  Over-Compression Prevention
⚡  One-Click Restore at Any Time
⚡  Automatic Resizing for Web
⚡  Multiple Compression Modes


⚡  Adaptive Images
⚡  Premium Global CDN
⚡  Next-Gen WebP
⚡  Hands-Free Optimization
⚡  Advanced AutoPilot & On-Upload
⚡  Single Image & Bulk Optimization
⚡  Retina Support

♾️   UNLIMITED Websites


🔓   Custom Branded Reporting
🔓   Hide From WordPress


About Our Plans

A “Zap” includes everything needed for the compression, optimization, generation of WebP, and delivery of an image from our lightning-fast global CDN for an active visitor on your website – typically in under 50ms per image!

You can get one time credit packs with no limits; however, we recommend a membership for agencies as monthly credits work best for setting client quotas.

When optimizing and serving your images, we’ll also resize it properly for the browser and screen used by each and every visitor for extra speed and savings!

The beauty of our plans are that they come with over a months worth of credits as a starter bonus. So feel free to allocate a higher limit for the first month and adapt.

We’ll send you notifications if your site or a client site is close to hitting it’s allocation so that you may assign more credits as needed!

Each month the linked website can optimize images according to the quota you set when linking your website.

There will be no interruption once a website hits it’s quota; however, the images will revert to the bloated original versions and go back to being served significantly slower from your server without the CDN.

You can modify quotas or add additional credits at anytime within the portal.

Memberships are a monthly allocation of images, think about it like your cell phone data plan, while credit packs are a one-time credit boost, great for optimizing images on new websites.

The best value is to get an annual or lifetime membership with a starter bonus for to help you start off on the right foot.

About The Software

Your images are securely backed up and optimized in the compression cloud, then only the smaller, light-weight images are served to your viewers from our exclusive hybrid network of Google Cloud and BunnyCDN.

You may choose between local backups, cloud backups or neither. 

With local and cloud backups, you may restore a single image or all images to the original state at any time.

Live Autopilot optimizes your images upon pageview with your current settings and take care of everything for you – maintenance free for life.

With any account you can link an unlimited number of websites, the only factor you need to account for is how you plan on allocating credits.

Yes! Each site can be linked to its own API Key so that you get detailed reporting on a site-by-site basis.

We even have a MainWP Extension for quick and easy bulk linking!

Your images will simply revert to the bloated, significantly slower state you had before activating WP Compress.

Detailed Reporting

View Web Reports, Email Reports, and PDF Reports for each client website or your account as a whole.


We frequently check to see if you have any new images that need to be optimized and take care of them for you.

Client Quotas

Set monthly allocations of optimization credits on a site-by-site basis and add one time credits for existing images.

Automatic Resizing

Most photos are much to large for web, that's why we offer automatic image resizing photos upon compression.

Lazy Loading

Initially load only what's needed to get significantly faster load times, less upfront requests and smaller page sizes.

Global CDN

Serve your images from our lightning fast content delivery network for our fastest load times across the globe.

WebP Support

Effortlessly serve the next-gen image format WebP to supported browsers for speed and additional file-size savings.

Intelligent Compression

Our algorithms prevent over-compression and assure that your images load faster without a visible loss in quality.