WP Compress Auto-Optimizes your new images daily so that you Don’t Get Penalized for slow load times.

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    Losing Visitors
    Slow loading images lead to high bounce rates. WP Compress automatically optimizes new images daily for better website performance.
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    Losing Out On Conversions
    Studies have shown that every 1 second delay is responsible for a 7% loss in conversions.
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    Getting Penalized By Search Engines
    Optimizing your images with WP Compress can boost your PageSpeed Scores and SEO rankings in just one click.

With a Membership, it’s TRULY Set it and Forget it – in less than 60 seconds you can be sure that all images going forward will be auto-optimized daily to look good and load FAST. 

For an extremely limited time, you can save over $1,000+ and optimize 60,000 images every year for life, for just a one time payment of just $89

Save over 92% and never worry about image optimization again.

Peace of mind while building your website

Stop losing incoming visitors, missing out on conversions and getting penalized in search engine rankings due to slow load times from uploading MASSIVE images without even knowing it. WP Compress has saved users GIGABYTES in file size and thousands of seconds off of website load time, with 70% average savings.

The best part? It’s Fully Automated, you wont even need to lift a finger to optimize your images. You’ll get true peace of mind while editing your website to add ANY image and we’ll make sure it looks great and most importantly loads fast.

What Users Are Saying About WP Compress

Ahmad Awais

 TEDx Speaker ❯ WordPress Core Contributor ❯ Full Stack Dev 

WP Compress delivers what it promises and provides incredible compression results.

Also, it far better priced than its competitors.  I tested the plugin on a 15.11 MB sized image, it was reduced to only 278 KB.

I was literally mind blown …the entire optimization procedure was handled by WPCompress. Visually there was no major difference in the two images.

It’s super easy to use and very reasonably priced.

WP Compress Increased My Website's PageSpeed Score!

In a case study – I measured my speed before and got an F. Then after using WP Compress, it bumped me up to a C. That was with just compressing images alone – not including anything else!

Stephen Luc

Digital Marketer, WordPress Expert, Paid Ads Expert

My site is loading faster!

I just installed WP Compress and used it to compress all 502 images on my site… my site is loading faster! Thanks so much for the plugin.

Kris Longmore

Quantitative Researcher, Algorithmic Trader, Machine Learning Specialist, Teacher

Incredible results, Fast, and Easy to use.

WPCompress is definitely one of the must-have plugins. Great results, awesome support, and very reasonably priced.

Saqib Ameen

WordPress Translation Editor, Developer, Designer

All in all, a fantastic plugin!

The plugin is very easy to use. Just drop into the media menu item that says Bulk Compress and watch the amazing magic. It was actually quite impressive to see that it saved an additional 20% on all my images that I already had, thereby increasing in the speed of my site.

John Overall

Host of the WordPress Plugins A-Z Podcast


Professional Membership for Life

Either way you’ll get faster loading images without even lifting a finger, but the lifetime membership offer is only around for a very limited time!



Billed Annually

15,000 images/year
(each image credit can optimize one full sized image or thumb)
+ Fully Autonomous Image Optimization
+ All Pro Features & PowerUps
Use on Unlimited Websites



One-Time Payment – Save $1,561

60,000 images/year for Life
(each credit can optimize one full sized image or thumb)
+ Fully Autonomous Image Optimization
+ All Pro Features & PowerUps
Use on Unlimited Websites
$1650 Value

Lifetime plans can be purchased multiple times and stack

Example: (3) Lifetime Memberships = 180,000 images optimized every year for life shared across unlimited websites.


Always Safe and Secure

WP Compress intelligently prevents over-optimization, stores cloud backups of all compressed images and allows you to restore at any time if for any reason you are unhappy with the output.

We’ll even host the cloud backups for you to not take up additional space on your servers.


Fast, Easy and Affordable

As a WP Compress member, we take care of everything for you. Simply link your website, select your desired settings and your images will be automatically optimized daily.

It’s the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to speed up your WordPress website.


Resize Large Images

Easily resize while compressing to save over 90%.

Unlimited Cloud Backups

Restore to compress on different settings at any time.

Optimize Your Way

Choose single image, bulk or automated optimization.

Smart Compression

Save on file sizes without visible quality reduction.