What's New in v4.0

We’ve been hard at work to bring you the biggest WP Compress update ever – with faster compression and up to 80x faster image load times,


Faster loading WordPress websites on complete autopilot

We’ve crafted WP Compress to be next to effortless, allowing you to simply link your website and see significantly faster load times across the globe. 

With two fully automated options, you can now choose to optimize new images on upload or optimize using “advanced” autopilot during off peak hours to not only assure that your new and existing images are loading fast but also not compromising your servers performance.

Thumbnails are included for free

With WP Compress, there are no complex calculations or credit inflation, simply check how many items are in your media library and that’s how many credits you’ll need.

Our average user has 20 WordPress or theme generated thumbnails to optimize for each full sized image. This makes our WP Compress Image Optimizer up to 20x more efficient than the competition and over 50% less expensive.

Speed up images with our lightning fast Global CDN

Say goodbye to the days where loading your images thousands of miles away from your server could take more than five seconds per image. We’re partnered with an ultra high performance globally ranked CDN to instantaneously load your images across the globe.

Faster global performance can lead to increased conversions, lower bounce rates and a stronger global presence for your brand. Simply toggle on the CDN and we’ll take care of the rest. Starter quotas are included in each new plan and can be assigned per website, but for higher bandwidth websites you may increase your CDN quota.


Improving load times for all of your WordPress Websites

All of our plans include all access and agency features for an UNLIMITED number of websites, the only factor is how many images you may have. We’ve made it easy to link and manage multiple websites and even offer a bulk linking tool partnered with MainWP to increase website performance of all your websites in just a few clicks.


Restore images at any time with Unlimited Cloud Backups

We offer unlimited cloud backups to make sure your original images are always safe. This will only serve and store the smaller, optimized images on your servers saving you server space and bandwidth. You can also select local backups if your client requires it.

Backups will be deleted within 90 days of deactivation, and can be requested to be deleted at anytime by reaching out to support.


Adaptive Images for WordPress

WP Compress generates and helps load additional image sizes based on the actual device that they will display on. This can significantly help speed up load times and improve the end-user experience as a properly sized image is loaded based on the device size rather than the clunky full sized image.

Even as a standalone, we’ve seen adaptive images save over 70% of file size as a more accurate image size is loaded.
Resize WordPress Images for Web Automatically
The majority of images that are digitally taken nowadays are simply “too big for web” – even the cell-phone camera in your pocket right now can produce images that are designed for print, where load times are non-existent.

We’ll automatically resize your images for web during optimization to drastically speed up load-times and improve mobile browsing experiences worldwide.

Generating and Delivering WebP Images for WordPress

We’ve recently introduced a next to effortless way to generate and deliver WebP images for all of your optimized images. Simply toggle Generate WebP and we’ll automatically create and serve the next-gen format to supported browsers for increased performance.


Recently Added Features in v4.0

Lightning Fast CDN

Serve your images from our lightning fast content delivery network for our fastest load times across the globe.