Lifetime Whitelabel Access

Upgrade your existing account and get an additional 5M, 10M or 50M monthly credits for life with no future payments!

+ 5 Million Credits

includes whitelabel add-on



$5,220+ Value | SAVE OVER 94%
Compared to paying for 15 years

Monthly Optimization Credits

Every Month w/Unlimited CDN Traffic

+ 10 Million Credits

whitelabel addon + 2x credits



$10,620+ Value | SAVE OVER 95%
Compared to paying for 15 years

Monthly Optimization Credits

Every Month w/Unlimited CDN Traffic

+ 50 Million Credits

high-volume Agency + Tons of Credits



$35,820+ Value | SAVE OVER 95%
Compared to paying for 15 years

Monthly Optimization Credits

Every Month w/Unlimited CDN Traffic

but hurry, there are only 


 lifetime licenses left!

One-Time Payment

New Credits Every Month

Unlimited Custom Domains

Lifetime Updates & Support

Adapt Images By Device

Image Lazy Loading

Monthly Client Quota

Ultra-Fast CDN Delivery

Support for Retina Devices

Custom CDN Domains

Next-Gen WebP Images

Remote Client Management

Custom Branded Reporting

Minify & Serve CSS + JS

Detailed Usage Analytics

Hide Plugin From Admin Area

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we’re giving you MILLIONS of live optimized requests along with extremely generous local image credits every month for life.

Higher plans even allow for you to specify exact quotas per website – you’re in full control!

Unlimited! There’s no limit on how many websites you can connect.

Although usage varies based on your specific install, our average site uses 100,000 – 250,000 live requests per month.

That means on average:

  • 1 Million Live Requests is recommended for up to 5 sites 
  • 5 Million Live Requests is recommended for up to 10 sites 
  • 10 Million Live Requests is recommended for up to 25 sites 
  • 50 Million Live Requests is recommended for up to 125 sites 

You may also set custom quotas as you wish for total control!

Local Image Usage depends on the initial number of images in your media library, rate of new images added and your plugin and theme environment, but we’re very generous with credits!

Each month the linked website can optimize images according to the quota you set when linking your website.

There will be no interruption once a website hits its quota; however, the live optimized images will revert to the bloated original versions and go back to being served significantly slower from your server without the CDN.

You’ll be unable to optimize additional local images until your credits reset.

You can modify quotas or add additional credits at anytime within the portal!

You can upgrade at anytime within the first 90 days as long as the offer is still available, we’ll credit your existing purchase towards the higher plan.

If the offer is no longer available you may stack existing monthly memberships or overflow packs at anytime.

If you ever have questions please reach out to live chat support – we’re always happy to help!

Yes, this deal can be added to any existing plan, you can even stack the agency plans for more credits!

New users will automatically receive login credentials upon purchasing a membership plan.

Live mode automatically optimizes your images and scripts in real-time based on the incoming visitors device, browser, screen resolution, location on page and geo-location to help you get the fastest load times around!

It includes adaptive images, webp conversion, retina support, lazy loading and more served over a lightning-fast CDN!

In Local mode, you may bulk compress your images or automatically optimize on-upload.

There are three optimization levels to choose from and you can select the thumbnails you wish to optimize as well as the webp and retina images you want to generate!


Local Credits: Each optimized image, size or variation counts as 10 credits towards the quota which resets each month. There are no hard limits on file sizes.


Live Requests: Based on optimized requests processed and served through the multilayer CDN which resets each month. There is no hard cap on bandwidth.

The beauty of this is that credits are only used for optimized requests that hit our API, if a user visits multiple pages there’s a good chance some assets are browser cached!

When optimizing and serving your images, we’ll also resize it properly for the browser and screen used by each and every visitor for extra speed and savings!

This typically fixes the “Serve Scaled Images” criteria and helps contribute to lightning fast load-times. 

All plans included in this special allow you to custom brand the plugin, emails and PDF reporting – so that you can take all of the credit for lightning-fast loading client websites!



Lightning-fast load times are critical in preventing visitors from instantly bouncing to your competition and ensures that people are actually reading what’s on your website – which we’re sure you’ve worked hard on!

faster load times HELP
Stop users from bouncing

Visitor retention leads to
Increased website engagement

Increased Engagement SPARKS
more sales, signups and growth


What they're saying...

We pride ourselves on constantly updated software and five star support, you’ll always be taken care of once you join the WP Compress family!

Kerem N.

I tried many ways to reduce loading times of my pages, but none of them were as efficient as WP Compress. It’s a real game changer!


Avi L.

1.5 Seconds from 5.5s in just a click - WOW!!!
That's amazing!


WP Compress will be in place on every single one of our clients' sites by the end of the quarter. If you care about your clients, you should do the same!


George D.

We were shocked at first, but WP Compress really does give you the best results over Smush Pro and ShortPixel.


Randy W.

I was skeptical at first, but numbers don’t lie! It cut my load time in half. Truly remarkable plugin and excellent support!



WP Compress Can Help You

Included in the Whitelabel & High-Volume Agency Membership Plans

Real-Time Processing

Automatically optimize your images and scripts based on the visitor's browser, device, location, viewport and more.

Lightning-Fast CDN

Serve your content across 70+ global PoPs, powered by highly rated BunnyCDN, for lightning-fast load times!

Local Compression

Easily compress your entire media library, single images or new images on-upload, plus create WebP and adaptive sizes.

Generate WebP

Create and serve next-gen WebP images that offer 30% smaller file-sizes on average over traditional formats.

Lazy Load Images

Load images only before they’re about to be viewed to save bandwidth, extra credits and improve overall performance!

Adaptive Images

Instantly adapt and resize images to slash file size while aiming to deliver the optimal image to each incoming visitor.

Retina Support

Serve images with a 2x pixel density on larger screens so that your content looks great, no matter the device it's on!

Preserve EXIF Data

Keep the technical details of the image such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focal length, camera model, date and much more.

Unlimited Websites

There's no limit on how many websites you can share your membership across to make sure they're all loading lightning-fast!

Custom CDN Domains

Custom brand your CDN URL by quickly adding any domain you own to serve your images, CSS, JavaScript, fonts and more!

Monthly Client Quotas

Set monthly client quotas to allocate optimization credits per website. This fits seamlessly into your website care plans!

Remote Management

Access our industry leading management portal to remotely configure settings, view reports, link new websites and more!

Optimize + Serve JS

Minify, defer and deliver JavaScript via our network to help improve load times, remove render blocking and more.

Optimize + Serve CSS

Minify and deliver CSS over our premium infrastructure to help improve load times, remove render blocking and more.

External URL Support

Optimize images from third party locations or storage buckets such as S3, Digital Ocean Spaces or other storage providers.

Custom Client Quotas

Set custom client quotas, now with the option to configure any amount of credits per website other than the preset options.

Custom Branding

Take all of the credit for faster load times by replacing the default plugin branding with your logo, description, links and more!

Whitelabel Reporting

Add your custom branding to email and PDF reports for your entire account or customize reporting on a site-by-site basis!

Email Reports

Send optimization reports via email, either on-demand or automatically each month for each of your managed websites!

PDF Reports

Download detailed compression reports including a daily usage breakdown to identify trends and provide deliverables to clients!

Hide from WP Admin

Remove the plugin from showing up on your WordPress admin area and configure it remotely from our management portal.

Multisite Linking Tool

Easily link, configure and manage all websites in your multisite environment from the Super Admin dashboard.

MainWP Linking Tool

Easily connect child sites with set client quotas for any or all of your MainWP connected websites in just a few clicks!

Priority Support

Whitelabel Agency and High-Volume users receive priority ticketing, feature requests and as always, friendly support!

Plus, we're constantly updating and improving to add awesome new features!