How do I create an account?

Visit app.wpcompress.com/register to sign up then view our Getting Started Guide for a guided walkthrough of setting up WP Compress.


Once you download the plugin you are prompted to create an account to obtain a personal API Key that allows your website to communicate with our Compression Cloud. Once you’ve confirmed your API Key on your website, you are all set to optimize and get your images loading lightning fast!

What is a Credit?

A Compression Credit, allows you to optimize one image including all of it’s respective thumbnails. The average full sized image in WordPress has 5-10 thumbnails which all get processed through our algorithms and optimized for responsive images and theme generated locations.

WP Compress is proud to be the only optimization plugin where thumbnails come free!


Each credit is good for (1) full sized image including all thumbnails.


How many credits do I need?

Small Sites: 50-100 Images Per Month

Medium Websites: 250-500 Images Per Month

Large Websites: 500+ Images Per Month


Just check your media library to see how many images you need to optimize. Remember, thumbnails come free!


If you ever have any questions, simply reach out to chat support and we are happy to help!

What Are Maintenance Plans?

Maintenance Plans offer monthly recurring credits so that your managed websites have a constant allocation to optimize newly added images.


The power of a WP Compress Maintenance Plan kicks in when you have monthly quotas and automation toggled across your websites. This combination makes it completely effortless to have faster loading images month after month across all of you websites.

What Are Starter (One-Time) Credits?

Starter Credits (One-Time) never expire. They are great to add a one time boost to your monthly quota if you have existing images that need to be optimized or are looking to stack up on credits without a consistent maintenance plan.

What Compression Settings Do You Recommend?

We recommend resizing to 2048px and compressing on intelligent mode. Toggling Otto is also highly recommended. If you’re not happy with the output of an image, you can restore at anytime and try again.

Which image formats can be optimized?

WP Compress can optimize PNGs, JPGs, and GIFs. (Including transparent PNGs, animated GIFs and JPEGs)

If an image format is not accepted, it will be automatically excluded from compression.

What is the difference between the Lossless, Intelligent and Ultra optimization levels?

Lossless: Highest quality images, minimal savings.
Intelligent: A smart hybrid of smaller file sizes with a limited change in visible quality.
Ultra: Smallest file size – optimized for faster loading times and web quality images.

Why do I need an API Key?

Your API Key is your access pass to WP Compress. It allows your site to securely communicate with our cloud servers and helps route the optimized images back to your website.

The Personal licence allows one website per API key while Professional licenses allow up to 10 sites with unlimited image compression.

You can Upgrade to Pro at any time.

What Does Priority Support Include?

Unlike the other guys, we offer live chat and phone support with expedited ticket resolution for lifetime members. We’ll even walk you through step by step and help set up accounts if needed.

Where can I submit a feature request?

You can reach out to chat support and we are happy to help at any time!

Why should I compress my images?

We’ve all been to that website where the images take FOREVER to load, you start to get antsy. Even with high-speed connections, mobile is becoming more and more popular for accessing the internet and attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter.

Compressing and optimizing your images makes them smaller by removing the excess data that is not needed for web loading, while cutting down file sizes with minimal visible difference.

WP Compress shrinks your images file size, so they load faster, help your PageSpeed Rating and keep your customers on the page, without getting antsy.

Are my original images safe?

Currently, we provide unlimited cloud backups to assure your images are always safe and can be restored to compress on different settings.


We also intelligently prevent over compression and have added many security features to assure your images will always be safe with WP Compress.

As with any software, we suggest you try it out on one to two images first to assure your website and server settings cooperate, but we’ll always have a backup and are happy to help if anything should go wrong. 

Does the API use HTTPS?

Yes, we assure all transfers of images are secure and route to the correct sites. We also support your website’s SSL for further security and encryption.

What’s the difference between Compression and Optimization?

Compression is making your image’s file size smaller while optimization is doing so to the point that there is no loss in quality.

Traditionally you can over-compress, but optimization takes in account image quality as well as speed. We intelligently prevent over-compression and will alert you if there are no further savings without over compressing.


We provide both compression and optimization at once, with three compression strenghts to choose from so your images can load lightning fast while still looking visually pleasing.

How is WP Compress different than other image optimization plugins?

Imagine never having to worry about slow loading images again.


As a WP Compress member, we take care of everything for you. Simply link your website, select your desired settings and your images will be automatically optimized daily.

Even as a free user you’ll be able to compress individual images or bulk optimize your entire media library in just one click. It’s still that simple, ease of use is built into every aspect of WP Compress while maximizing savings.


We’ll even give you 1,000 free image credits to try it out and you can earn 30 days of membership for every friend you refer to WP Compress.


Can I use the plugin for free?

Of course! WP Compress allows you to optimize 100 full sized images and their thumbnails for free! If you need more than that, you can get a membership.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the chat box.

What happens when the plugin is disabled?

When the plugin is deleted, all database tables are also deleted. Your images will stay in their current state – either compressed or uncompressed and you will need to re-install the plugin to make changes.

We recommend keeping the plugin activated and having cloud backups at all times to assure your images are safe and secured.

Is it possible to re-optimize images with different settings?

Yes! If for some reason you don’t like the way your image looks at a particular level, you may restore the image and compress on different settings at any time.

How does the optimization process work?

We securely send your images and all of their thumbnails to our Compression Cloud, wave our magic wand, execute algorithms and send the compressed images back to your site optimized to load lightning fast!


Don't see the answer to your question here?

Unlike the other guys, we offer live chat and phone support with expedited ticket resolution for lifetime members. We’ll even walk you through step by step and help set up accounts if needed.