Fair Use Policy

A few guidelines in place to keep the service extremely high-performance for everyone

To maintain our extremely high standards for performance and a positive experience for all, we may monitor for “excessive” and/or “unreasonable” usage in terms of CDN delivery and overall data transfer.

Although we may monitor all plans for abuse, this policy particularly applies to “Unlimited” level membership plans to keep speeds fast and rates low for everyone.

Unlimited plans are built so that the typical user can simply link their website and go. While there is no direct limit for images optimized, we may monitor for excessive data consumption or ultra-high volume resource usage.

Ultra-high volume or excessive use is defined as data consumption that consistently exceeds the usage of over 99% of our user base. (typically over 1,000,000 visitors per month) In this case, we reserve the right to pause, limited or even restrict service as needed.

Original asset delivery will not be interrupted and your membership will resume the next month.

This is by no means a hard limit and we aim to be extremely reasonable with this policy. If your website consistently falls into this category we are happy to work out a custom solution based on your specific use case.

We’ll let you know if this happens to be the case for any site that you own or manage, and have plenty of high-performance and dedicated offerings for the top 1% or our “Ultra-High Volume” users.

This “Fair Usage” policy is in place to help maintain a positive optimization experience for all users. If you have any questions, suggestions or find anything about this policy to be unreasonable, please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime.