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Increase Your Website’s Performance

Get your clients website loading faster, ranking higher and converting better – all on complete autopilot.

WP Compress Puts Image Optimization on Autopilot
So You Don’t Get Penalized by Slow Load Times


Thumbnails Are Included For Free

Each credit can compress one full sized image and it’s WordPress generated thumbnails. Simply check your media library to see how many credits you need.


Intelligently Prevent Over-Compression

The Over-Compression Prevention Engine (OCPE) assures that if there is no further savings without visible quality loss, the image will not be optimized further.


Unlimited Cloud Backups and Restore

 We securely backup your original images to the cloud and let you one-click restore at anytime. This can increase server performance while saving you local disk space.

Set Monthly Quotas For Clients

Within the WP Compress Management Portal, each website can easily be allocated a set monthly quota as well as the option to add one-time starter credits. We keep it simple and guide you through every step.

Ahmad Awais

 TEDx Speaker ❯ WordPress Core Contributor ❯ Full Stack Dev 

WP Compress delivers what it promises and provides incredible compression results.

I tested the plugin on a 15.11 MB sized image, it was reduced to only 278 KB. Also, it’s far better priced than the competition.

I was literally mind blown …the entire optimization procedure was handled automatically by WP Compress. Visually there was no major difference between the two images.

It’s super easy to use and very reasonably priced.

Remote Configuration & Management

In addition to configuring settings and choosing from three compression levels, you can one-click bulk optimize and restore within the plugin or management portal.

No Complex Credit Calculations,
Thumbnails are Included For Free

If it’s one image uploaded, it’s one credit, no mental math needed.

It’s really that simple, if there are 300 images in your media library, you’ll only need 300 credits to optimize your images, including all of their generated thumbnails and sizes.

Get Your Website Loading Faster, Converting Better & Ranking Higher

Detailed Reporting on a Site-by-Site Basis

View in-depth compression reports for individual websites or as a full account overview within the management portal.

Need Help Getting Started?

We’re here to walk you through choosing a plan, plugin set up or anything else you may need.


Automate optimization with monthly quotas and recurring image credits

Credit Packs

Ideal for optimizing existing images in your WordPress media library.

High Volume Plans

Perfect for agencies with 50+ websites to automate image optimization for clients.
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