Fair Usage Policy

Compression and optimization with WP Compress is completely free and always will be; however, we monitor for “excessive” and “unreasonable” usage in terms of images compressed and data transfer.

In the past, we’ve had large commercial sites that want to compress thousands of images at a time. This can clog the pipelines create a negative compression experience for all other users. To prevent this, we monitor all sites for fair usage and have implemented Professional and Agency licenses which utilize premium servers.

Given that compression and optimization is completely free, it’s no surprise that we have costs to provide such a high quality service to you. To help cover those costs, we provide additional features and PowerUps that enhance your WP Compress experience and can save you time. These premium features can be unlocked for free by referring others, or may be purchased as add-ons and upgrades.

We aim to provide free image optimization and compression for all individual users and non-profits as well as those who qualify under “Fair Use” within this policy.

In order to maintain a positive compression experience, we’ve allocated 1,000 images (including thumbnails) for free to all individual users. This is in no means a hard limit, an additional 500 yearly image credits can be earned per friend referred to sign up for WP Compress with no limit on total number of referrals.

If you’d like unlimited compression and powerful features such as priority compression, extended cloud backups and auto-optimization, please upgrade to our Professional license which we’ve kept reasonably priced, starting at just $2.99/month.

This policy is in place to help maintain a positive compression experience for all users. If you have any questions, suggestions or find anything about this policy to be unreasonable, please do not hesitate to contact us.