Configuring the Ideal Settings

You can access the settings panel by clicking on the WP Compress icon in your WordPress admin panel.

  • We recommend optimizing on intelligent mode with resize toggled to 2048px, this provides our ideal balance of speed and quality as well as keeps your images large enough for retina devices while not taking the time to load unnecessary pixels.
  • We typically recommend resizing all images to a maximum of 2048px and you may go smaller; however, background images should be excluded from resize to prevent stretching on larger devices.
  • We offer unlimited cloud backups and strongly recommend keeping them on so that you may restore your images at anytime if needed and compress on alternate settings.
  • For some shared servers or low budget hosting, we strongly recommend using safe mode for thumbnails as budget providers may timeout while downloading the optimized images. Safe mode introduces a fix for this; however, may result in slightly less optimized thumbnails.